green light go: insanity and hilarity are cheap, but true friends cost money

Sunday , May 31 , 2009

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All characters and art of "Green Light Go" are © A. Muhlenkort 2004-2009. Unauthorized use of Green Light Go materials, characters, images, sounds, odors, severed limbs, ramen, oxygen, terrible jokes, lame color schemes, and random microchips are strictly forbidden. If I find you violating, or molesting my property in any way, I will employ a pair of burly ex-convicts to find you, kidnap you, and perform god-awful sexual experiments on you until you lose the ability to sound out vowels. I don't know why you are still reading this, but obviously you have way too much time on your hands, and would be better off bothering other people, cooking me a meal, or writing out a check to 'cash' which you will then discreetly lose in a place near to or underneath my front door. Thank you.

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